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Q. Why is it important to have a key storage lock box or safe door style vault constructed of steel?
A. Many similar products are die cast with pot metal which is brittle and can easily be broken with a hammer or other such implement. Steel construction provides greater security.

Q. What is special about your locking mechanism?
A. Selective Security's locking mechanism is a machined ¼" thick 1.5" x 3.25" bolt of metal which is dead locked by the lock cylinder. Other common mechanisms are constructed of a thin metal lever which has two problems… one is the strength of the lever and the second is that it works in such a way that the stored key can jam the lever making it impossible to get at the key without breaking open the box.

Q. What about push button locks?
A. We feel that push button locks are a security issue as there is always the potential for someone to watch and get the combination.

Q. What if I need to record the date, time and who is accessing the box.
A. Selective Security's lock boxes are used with all major High Security manufacturers of Mortise and cam locks. And we can recommend manufacturers that have unique copy protected key locks that record time date and use of the box.




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