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Selective Security Services

About Our Company

W. Gordon Parr, the CEO of Selective Security Services and Abbotsford CNC has been in the locksmith industry for over 50 years. He is the President and one of the major shareholders of INTRALOCK TOOLS LTD, a company that manufactures key cutting equipment for the industry. In the course of his experience in the business, he became aware of a need for a higher quality commercial lock box and cylindrical safe door style key vaults. After researching he found that with his CNC shop he could develop and produce such a product in North America for a competitive price.

Our products are constructed of solid steel and have a superior locking mechanism, with models for both mortise and cam locks. Our new style of lock boxes are being used by fire departments, TELUS, Universities and other users. We also have a line of High Security Door Guards. Selective Security Services products are available through security supply distributors in both Canada and the United States.